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Disable and Remove Ask Toolbar IE

In this video I demonstrate how to remove Ask Toolbar in IE (Internet Explorer). This method is for users that don’t have the option to remove the Ask Toolbar from the Control Panel.

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6 Responses to "Disable and Remove Ask Toolbar IE"

  1. edduno says:

    thanks wrk great got it of !!

  2. Malindanet says:

    I have done everything you said to do. I went to control panel and tried to uninstall ask toolbar and it will not let me. Any ideas?

  3. nibrac says:

    The latest annoying version of toolbar is that it does not appear in “programs” or Ad-ons so most tips on how to remove it simply do not work. After hours of frustration I found a way to eliminate the homepage/toolbar in IE with Windows 7.

    Download the official “Ask toolbar” from CNet and then the free Revo Uninstaller. The Ask toolbar is now visible so use Revo to uninstall it … it finds and removes the new Ask tool bar but also all the hidden Ask junk. This worked for me and I am happy to be free of the shitty homepage.

    I’m now working on how to remove “Searchnu” from Firefox … any help is appreciaed.

    1. Jason Haines says:

      Thanks for the great info.

  4. Applications are always asking to install this. Who even uses it when you have google?